Export, import and pet relocation

When dealing with live animals, additional care must be taken in all areas, especially when selecting experienced professionals and airlines that meet with the selected route in a timely manner.
We import and export to and from all over the world pets and live animals of any breed or species, prior agreement and government procedures.

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When dealing with live animals, additional care must be taken in all areas, especially selecting experienced professionals and airlines that comply with the selected route in a timely manner.

This is why the commercial airlines and freighters recommend us, while we meet 100% expectations of our customers, aware that their pets are a member of the family.

We ship anything to anywhere

We offer all the services related to the dispatch of all kinds of merchandise for export and import.

We have the ability to handle door-to-door operations, from a document envelope to containers, through reliable strategic alliances that we have built on successful business relationships over the years.

  • Transfer of pets
  • Individuals / housewives
  • Courier and parcel service Courier
  • Chemical industry
  • Extractive industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Mining
  • Perishables and basic supplies
  • Live animals
  • Textile industry
  • Personal effects
  • Household items
  • International removals
  • Human remains
  • Shipping Solutions

    Air cargo

    Our wide range of services are adapted to the profile of the client, from a housewife to a transnational company.

    Due to the volume of cargo and years of commercial dealings with all commercial airlines and freight carriers, we can get competitive rates and, above all, deliver any type of product to the nearest airport or address according to the type of service the customer needs.

    Land cargo

    Land freight service is the most economical shipping method and is generally used for items that are not time sensitive.

    With a wide network of carriers operating in the national territory, USA, Central America and the rest of the world. We offer affordable costs that can be local, international or be included as a complementary part of a door to door service, since land transport is an essential part of any logistics chain, both for collection and final delivery.

    Sea cargo

    As a Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC), we select the shipping company that best suits you according to the type of cargo and / or route, with which we will determine the best alternatives for brokers and forwarders in the world.


    Especialized Sectors

    Experience with international freight shipping worldwide
    Experience in import and export of a wide range of cargo including oversized articles and sensible charge temperature
    Collection and delivery of cargo container, with door-to-door service from its point of origin to its final destination
    Facilitation to obtain the permits and procedures that may be needed in the places of origin and destination
    Guarantee that the documentation stays with its cargo container during international transport

  • Issuance of health certificates and / or vaccination cards
  • International certificates to be released anywhere in the world
  • Broker / customs broker in destination for countries that require it
  • Pick-ups at home / transfers / visit prior to the shipment for interview with the interested party about any doubts and concerns about the shipment.
  • Constant and automatic monitoring by the means that the client prefers about the status of your pet.
  • Sale of certified kennels, transport accessories.
  • Design of special containers for reptiles, birds or oversized according to the international regulations of the International Air Transport Association
  • We accept credit and debit cards
  • We have sent more than a thousand pets to different parts of the world successfully.
  • Export and Import of Dangerous Products. DGR: Dangerous Goods
  • Specialists in the handling of dangerous goods (DGR)
  • Packaging of products Marking and Labeling
  • Packing and rewrapping
  • Review and Filing of Statements (DGD) by air, sea or land
  • Samples shipping
  • Customs clearance of dangerous goods
  • Transport of dangerous goods
  • Any type of UN


  • A. Length from the tip of the nose to the root of the tail.
  • B. Length from floor to elbow.
  • C. Width across the shoulders.
  • D. Height while standing, from the tip of the ear when the pet's ears are erect.
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